A Musical Awakening

Eat The Cake Band is a female fronted Hip Rock & Soul band based out of Baltimore, MD. If you want to know what they sound like, you must be able to imagine The Incredible Hulk making love to Jem & The Misfits while the X-Men stand guard. You must open your third eye in order to fully comprehend their avante garde style and sound of music.  Mzz the lead lyricist + emcee was a solo hip hop artist before forming the band, and putting out a call for an all empress squad. Ladie Clair, the guitarist was the first to answer the call.  They began their musical journey of exploring the musical styles Hip Hop & Rock in the basement of Mzz's house, and quickly fell in love with all of the possibilities.  Wifty Bangura (vocalist/bassist), and Nychele (vocalist), add the Soul. Jared (drummer), + the only male in the band adds the heartbeat.